5 Questions with Dave Szott

The veteran guard spoke about his emotional return last week, and the upcoming game against the Bears

Q: Can you describe your emotions, being able to come back and having your family here to see it?


Szott: It was a blessed day. I was thankful for feeling as good as I did, making the recovery that I did, and having my family here to enjoy it. My wife was glowing after the game. She said she only threw up twice before the game. She was pretty nervous. And the fact also that we won, because this feeling would not be what it is if we hadn't won.


Q: How did it make you feel that they ran over you so many times? Did it make you feel like you were back?


Szott: I felt fired up. It felt good, and Jason and I, in a short time, have really worked well together. Randy's a good puller and really fits the scheme well. In retrospect I don't think they wanted to pull me a whole lot. It was better for me to have Randy pull, so it worked out really well.


Q: What did Herm tell you guys about keeping your focus against a team like Chicago, who's had so many problems this year?


Szott: He brought up the perfect example, which was Pittsburgh versus the Texans last week. I think that's a great perspective for us to look at that. They (Pittsburgh) were a very good team going against an expansion team that's struggling, and the Texans had 46 yards of offense and won the football game. Chicago's strength is their defense, so it's a very good analogy for us to keep in focus this week.


Q: Is it even harder because Chicago looked like they had nothing going last Monday against Miami?


Szott: I did scout [that game] and I watched their defense mostly. They got a good defense. Their defense kept them in the game [Monday night]. As far as I'm concerned, I've got a full day [of work] on Sunday. Our defense may have a different perspective, but they still play very good football on the side that I'm concerned with.


Q: But their defense gave up over 200 yards rushing on Monday night.


Szott: They did later in the game, but they were out there for the entire game, so they were getting worn out a bit. It's going to be a tough game. We can't look past them whatsoever, and we don't have the liberty to do that at all.

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