Jets Involved in Police Investigation

The Nassau County Police are investigating an incident in which a limousine driver was allegedly assaulted while picking up several members of the New York Jets ouside a Long Island Steak House. The following is a transcript from today's police press conference.

Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I'm sure you want me to comment on the incident that was reported to us on Monday. There is in fact an incident under investigation by the Nassau County Police, second squad. It involves an injury to an individual who was operating a limousine, who was hired to pick up several people at Rothmanns Steak House, located on Northern Boulevard, East Norwich. At about 11:15pm on Monday night, there were several people entering the limousine. One of the individuals entering the limousine was reportedly intoxicated, and as he was getting into the limousine, was unable to control himself. The Limo driver asked him to step out of the limousine, at which point the limo driver reports to us that he was picked up and shoved away from the limousine. As a result of that action he received injury to his knee. He sought some aid immediately from the staff at Rothmanns and he was given some immediate first aid at Rothmanns. Additionally, some people who work at Rothmanns contacted an ambulance service and the police department. He was taken to Syosset Hospital. He was treated for injury to his knee. It looks as though he may have a slight fracture to the knee, and we are investigating the case at this time.


Q: Can you confirm that some of the Jets players were there or were in fact involved?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: I can confirm that there were Jets present at Rothmanns that night. I can also confirm that there appears to be some connection to the limo service and the Jets organization. At this point we have not positively identified the individual responsible here. We are still looking into that and we are looking into the possibility that this individual is a member of the Jets team. We are also looking into the possibility that he may not be connected to the Jets team.


Q: Jets coach Herman Edwards said today that he is aware of who the person is. Have you spoken to the Jets organization at all?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: We have been in touch with the Jets organization, and we do have some interviews schedules. They haven't taken place yet, but we do plan to be interviewing several members of the Jets organization in the near future.


Q: Will you interview them before the team leaves for Chicago this weekend?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: Yes.


Q: What kind of charges might this person face if you do find him responsible?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: One of the things we are looking into, in addition to establishing exactly who the individual is, is exactly what transpired. Right now we have a reported story from the victim. We are looking to identify those people who were in the limousine and get their side of the story. It's possible that we could be looking at an assault in the third degree.


Q: There could be a lot of money involved here with a lawsuit. Is there a possibility that the victim is doing this for money?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: I don't really think that that's a police issue, but that's a possibility.


Q: But do you think that there are holes in the story, or does it all make sense?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: The story, as it's reported to us by him, so far has checked out to be pretty viable.


Q: When did he contact the police?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: The police were contacted by people from Rothmanns on his behalf, immediately after the incident.


Q: When you say [the driver] hurt his knee, what is the extent of the injury?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: The hospital records indicate that he has a slight fracture to his kneecap.


Q: Any other witnesses other than the victim that you've talked to?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: We're still exploring that. We're looking for any other witnesses. We have spoken to a few people that were present at Rothmanns. We're still looking to identify people who may have witnessed the actual event.


Q: The limo driver was asking the apparently intoxicated man to step out of the limo?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: That's right.


Q: Why?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: As I mentioned, he was inside the limo. He was unable to control himself properly inside the limo's small confines. The limousine apparently was equipped with some table arrangement between some chairs, and he was knocking into these things. The limo driver reportedly was concerned that his limo might be, that items in the limousine might be damaged. So he asked this individual to please remove himself from the limousine.


Q: And the driver was dressed as Santa Claus?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: I don't think he was dressed in a full Santa Claus suit, but apparently he had some holiday decorations on, of some sort. I don't know specifically what he was wearing.


Q: Could you tell us who the victim was employed by?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: I can't do that only because I'm not in position to reveal the victim's name and I don't want to do that. It was a Long Island based limousine company.


Q: How many players from the Jets were said to be involved in the incident?


Detective Lieutenant Steven Skrynecki: We don't have a number on that. We're still trying to define how many players from the Jets were there and how many were in the limo. That's exactly where we are right now, in terms of the investigation.



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