Temper's Flare at Practice

After players spent the morning fielding questions about the alleged assault incident involving several of the Jets, three separate fights broke out during Thursday's practice.

The first incident was a scuffle between Jason Fabini and rookie Bryan Thomas, that broke out after a one-on-one pass rush drill. A few plays later, on a screen play to Santana Moss, Kevin Mawae laid a vicious block on Thomas, that kept the defensive end on the ground for several minutes. This appeared to insight the defensive players, and near the end of practice, Shaun Ellis punched rookie tackle Chris Smith in the neck and knocked him down. An all out melee erupted immediately after, in which practice squad members Matt Knutson and Giradie Mercer were heavily involved.


This was not the first incident that Ellis has been involved in during practice, and the defensive end clearly has a temper.


Herman Edwards said it was the first time he's ever seen three fights in practice before.


When Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher was asked by the New York media whether he would have been faked out on the play where Chad Pennington juked Buffalo's Eddie Robinson on his one-yard touchdown run he said,


"I think it would have been our ball on the one-yard line if I was in there."


The Jets are tinkering with their kicking unit, in an attempt to solve the blocked field goal situation. Dave Szott will come in at left guard on field goal tries, to replace J.P. Machado. Special teams coach Mike Westhoff has also spoke to John Hall about making sure his kicks stay up. Some of the blocks have been Hall's fault for kicking them too low.








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