"One down, three to go"

The Jets have done it again. They knew very well that going up against the Denver Broncos, they needed to win. Once again, they had their backs against the wall and knew that beating the Broncos wouldn't be as easy as walking through a park. Needless to say, they played a tough, physical game against them and what do ya know, they beat the Broncos 19-13. That's one down, three to go.

Even though the Jets may end up running the table and winning these last few games; it may still not be enough to make it. Either way, I refuse to look forward to next week or the week after or any of that nonsense. Just like the Jets, I'm taking it a game at a time. So far this Season, I've just been talking specifically about the games and other topics around the Team, so I thought for this time around, I'd do something different. Even though the Jets did have a "W" added to their column last week, several Jets reached special milestones in their Careers.


KR Chad Morton has 1,284 Kickoff Return yards, which officially broke the single season Team Record of 1,280 set back in 1978 by Bruce Harper. I remember last Season when the Jets pulled some strings to bring in Morton from the New Orleans Saints; I wasn't sure how he would be since he missed most of the Season due to an injury. Now look at him!!! This guy is AMAZING, hands down one of the most talented football players the NFL has to offer. I've been amazed at how he's able to rack up yards every time he runs a punt or kick return back. At the end of the Season, I have a feeling not only will Morton set the Jets Team Record for years to come with the final number of yards he brings in from Kickoff returns, he'll be on his way to Hawaii too.


For the first time in QB Chad Pennington's career in the Jets/Broncos game, he went into the halftime of a game when the Jets were trailing 10-6. Even with a significant amount of pressure on his shoulders, he kept his cool, kept his poise, and kept his composure. Not a whole lot of people can do that, and he does it brilliantly. I'm telling you, we have our franchise Quarterback of the future in #10. It turns out in that game, he hit WR Laveranues Coles for a 28 yard TD pass that was the deciding difference in the 19-13 outcome. Just a little interesting tidbit on Pennington, did you all know one of his main hobbies is working on his Garden? Yep, it's true, he's a big "Home Depot" fanatic and I guess he really DOES have a Gang Green thumb. It's amazing what you learn these days if you get that terrific JetsConfidential Newsletter sent directly to your door (http://www.JetsConfidential.com for more info!).


WR Laveranues Coles in that Jets/Broncos game, broke the 1,000+ (1,022) yard mark and in doing so, became the first Jet since WR Keyshawn Johnson to register that many receiving yards for the Jets. It's safe to say that the Jets found their "KJ Replacement", and it only took a few years to do so. I know many people feel the Jets should have a taller WR, but the numbers Coles puts up is nothing short of Pro Bowl statistics. His talent, charisma, and toughness separate him from others because when everything is said and done, Coles always put his 110% on the field. I know it's his last year of his contract and I'm very sure the Jets will make sure he gets treated real well with a nice long-term contract with everything that he deserves.


Finally, in that Jets/Broncos game, RB Curtis Martin surpassed the 10,000+ rushing mark and in doing so, became the 16th Player in NFL History to run for 10,000 yards. What can I say about Curtis Martin? The guy is a class act from head to toe, he does his very best both on the field and off it. He's one of the most coolest guys around to meet and just talk to. I honestly believe that one of these years, he will definitely end up in the NFL Hall of Fame. I really hope he gets his 1,000 yards this Season, he only needs 222 yards to get to that mark. With three games to go in the Season, I have a feeling he'll get it.


There you have it, those are just some of the Jets that have hit personal milestones from that Jets/Broncos game. I just wanted to end this on a final note. I know I mentioned a few Jets who did reach personal achievements, but the REAL reason the Jets have been playing the way they have been can't be put on just one jersey number. I know that the #10's, #28's, #87's, #56's, etc. have been some of the sparks to light this team up, but it was the entire TEAM EFFORT that got the Jets where they are now. So from this diehard Jets Fan, kudos to every player who wears that Green & White uniform who plays his heart out every game, thanks to every Coach who kept working hard even at the worst of times, and most of all, it's a great feeling to be associated with other diehard Jets Fans who even when the going got tough, they kept their Jets pride and support in tact. If you combine all of that, you have a team built on a rock solid foundation. GO JETS!!!

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