Mangini opens up about Ellis' charges

Eric Mangini was asked a myriad of questions by reporters on Friday about Shaun Ellis' pot charges.

Q)Did you know about the incident before the Denver game?

Mangini: Yes.

Q)What was the thinking in still having him play against Denver?

Mangini: We discussed it organizationally and we took what we thought was the appropriate internal disciplinary action.

Q)What was the disciplinary action?

Mangini: All those things are internal. That's where they will remain and I hope that you can respect that.

Q)Why no suspension?

Mangini: We have taken internal disciplinary action and I feel comfortable with the action that we've taken. Our approach to personal conduct has not changed and won't change.

Q)Will he remain a captain?

Mangini: Yes.

Q)Are there are any consequences for Ellis' actions?

Mangini: There were disciplinary actions that were taken. Those are internal. I hope that you can respect that, but actions have been taken.

Q)Has Ellis has already been disciplined by the team? Mangini: It's based on the information that we have and it has been implemented already.

Q)What are your thoughts on the public not knowing what the punishment is?

Mangini: This is something that philosophically we believe in. Any of the disciplinary matters that we have, we handle those internally.

Q)How the public will be aware if the discipline is internal?

Mangini: We handle it internally. It's something we believe in and focus on. We've been consistent with it. In terms of discipline, that's internal.

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