The Bills are crazy if they fire Jauron

All this talk about Dick Jauron being in trouble is silly.

The man is a good football coach dealing with a team that needs an infusion of talent.

The Bills offensive line has been a big disappointment this year, and this has led to issues in the running game, and to the quarterback, Trent Edwards, taking too many hits. He's now out with a groin injury.

On defense, the pass rush is awful. And in this league, if you can't rush the passer, you are toast.

Look at what has been going on with the Jets the last few weeks. A big part of the team's horrible pass defense ranking (31st) is a weak pass rush. Why do you think Pittsburgh has been so hot recently? Their pass rush is fantastic. We all learned from the New York Giants last year that a great pass rush can take you a long way. The Bills needs to get a couple of stud pass rushers in next year's draft.

The Bills also need more weapons in their passing game, especially a big play tight end.

So anyone blaming Jauron for this mess is misguided. This is a personnel problem, not a coaching issue.

The Bills should go out and fill their holes next off-season, and give Jauron a chance to show what he can do with the requisite talent.

To scapegoat him for what has transpired this year would be a travesty.

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