Brett Favre's post-game comments

Q)What were your emotions as you saw Shaun Ellis score the game-winning touchdown?

Favre: Wow, we needed that. We needed some type of break, some way, somehow. We had some opportunities there towards the end offensively, and we didn't convert. We needed a little help, and it came, not the way I would have expected it, but that's the thing about this game. You just never know. It was a great feeling.

Abe (Abram Elam), who made the (forced fumble) play, that's twice he has been a thorn in their side. You just keep playing. That's why you play this game. I was talking to a couple of the guys in there and this is 18 years for me, you get to a point as an older player where statistics don't matter as much to you as they used to. The one statistic that matters is wins and losses. The one theme in there right now is that it doesn't matter how you win them, ugly or whatever, it's a win. You get past that.

The old saying of "you need to win some like that," you just need to win. That's the bottom line. We won, and I think that's nine wins for us and there were four last year. Maybe there were some games last year sort of like this that they didn't win. You start believing in yourself and the guys around you, as opposed to doubting, or saying, ‘here we go again.'

The last two weeks were not what we'd like to think were our style of football. Today, you could say it was going that way again. I think you find ways to win games and you never know.

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