5 Questions with Chad Pennington

The Jets quarterback talks about Sunday's loss to Chicago and erasing the negative perception that surrounds the team.

Q: What are you thoughts on the perception that this is the same old Jets and that the same thing always happens in December?


Pennington: That's a perception that maybe you guys (the media) have, or anybody else has about the Jets, and I'm concerned with getting that changed. I'm not worried about December flops and ‘well, the Jets did it to us again,' ‘they're heartbreakers,' things like that. We're gonna change all that. We're working in that direction. We're trying to get the job done. Everyone's working hard and we're concentrating on that effort. It just so happened yesterday that it didn't come out well for us.


Q: You went from having a good chance of making the playoffs, to being a long shot. Do you guys still think you have a shot to get in?


Pennington: Well, you always have a shot. Until they mathematically eliminate us, we have a shot. Obviously we don't control our own destiny right now, and that's disappointing for us. But at the same time, we have two great challenges ahead of us. We have two teams that we're going to play, in the Patriots and Packers, that give us great challenges, not only as players but as a team. [We want to] really come out on top and make a positive out of this.


Q: How do you explain how flat you guys came out in the first half?


Pennington: Well, you don't. There are no explanations, there are no excuses. All we have to do as players is just be accountable, and realize that we didn't get the job done. What we have to realize as a team and as an organization is that winning organizations win those games. And we will. We'll start winning those games. We'll fix it and get on the right path.


Q: Wouldn't it make more sense to be mad at yourselves than to be mad at the media for talking about the perception and the December stats?


Pennington: I'm not saying I'm mad at the media. I'm saying that my focus as a player, and what our team wants to change, is that perception and those negative connotations. I think that's important and I think that's a challenge for us. To me that's not being mad at the media, that's not being mad at anyone else, it's just wanting to change perception so people will expect us to win those games, and not look for us to fall.


Q: You defended Wayne after the game. What are your thoughts on that situation?


Pennington: I can go back and look at film and see some throws that I didn't make. I can go back and look at other plays that would have affected the outcome of the game. You can't fault Wayne for his effort. That type of effort has been what's gotten Wayne this far. That's what has put Wayne in this position and made him so successful. I would never question someone's efforts and someone's decision making out there on the field, when he's been in the league this long. If he had to do it all over again, he'd like to hang onto the football. But that one play does not affect the whole game. It just so happens that it came on the last play. There were numerous that I can look at for myself and say, ‘if I could have just gotten that done, the whole situation is different.'



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