"Perception" Rears its Head Again

At the Jets' practice facility on Monday, Herman Edwards had to once again address the issue of the negative perception that surrounds the Jets franchise.

When asked about the perception that the Jets always lose the winnable games in December, Edwards said,


"As far as I know, we won some games in December last year. That's what propelled us to get in the playoffs. We won a big game in December (against Oakland). As far as [perception] goes, I think that goes along with wherever you're at. You're not going to change it in a year or two. You change it when you win games, and that's what we're trying to do."


On the 12 men on the field penalty, Edwards explained that the Jets wanted to run a nickel package and the players subbing in signal that by holding up five fingers when they check in to the ball game. At that particular moment Sam Garnes must not have seen the signal and stayed on the field. The Jets have been substituting in the same fashion for the last year and a half, and simply had a miscommunication at the wrong time.


The Jets will be closely watching the Monday night game between the Patriots and Titans tonight. If the Patriots win, they would improve to 9-5, and make it almost impossible for the Jets to win the division.



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