Looking at the Films - Part II

Here is Part II of "Looking at the Films" from the Jets-Seattle game.

Defensive Line:

Nondescript game for the defensive line - there were too many runs of four, five yards, creating good down and distance situations for Seattle.

Kenyon Coleman was the team's most effective D-Lineman in this game. He was very active in run support and finished with seven tackles.

Kris Jenkins had a tipped pass on the first drive, and stopped Mo Morris for no gain in the middle of the third, but aside from that was somewhat quiet. His hip injury is an issue.

Shaun Ellis had a pedestrian performance. He had trouble getting off tackle Ray Willis and Morris ran by him for a gain of 11 in the middle of the second quarter.

Mike DeVito missed a tackle on a Moore gain of 13 up the middle in the third quarter.

Making matters worse for the defensive line was their mediocrity came against an offensive line with all five starters out.

Linebacker -

There was too much yardage after contact for Mo Morris, who finished with 116 yards. Not enough tackles were made where the runner went backwards like the Baltimore Ravens would make. Also no sacks against two backup offensive tackles is problematic.

Calvin Pace blew by Kyle Williams for a QB pressure to end the first drive. Pace had a facemask late in the second quarter which turned a loss of two into a 15-yard penalty. Pace had a terrific play late in the third quarter when he stopped Leonard Weaver on a pass in the right flat after just a gain of one.

Bryan Thomas did a poor job of containment on a Mo Morris gain of 13 at the end of the first quarter. Thomas had a great play on the next drive – blowing by Ray Willis and stopping Morris for a loss of three. A Thomas QB pressure ran Wallace towards sidelines and the QB ran out of room and had to throw it away.

Eric Barton had just four tackles, and you have to wonder if his injured knee is impacting his play. He was beat by Courtney Taylor for a gain of 26 over the middle in the second quarter. Two plays later, Barton had his best play when he stopped Morris for no gain on a sweep that went to the right side.

David Bowens blew up a running play by Weaver in the backfield forcing the Seahawks to kick a field goal late in the third quarter.

David Harris had tight coverage on John Carlson's TD catch, but the tight end made a great grab.

Secondary –

Backup QB Seneca Wallace completed 72 percent of his passes and finished with a 104.6 QB rating in bad conditions. A poor pass rush contributed to this. Early the second quarter, Koren Robinson beat Kerry Rhodes for a gain of 16. It was short pass that Robinson bobbled, and then ran by Rhodes for most of the yardage. A Rhodes QB pressure on a blitz led to an incompletion that ended a second quarter drive. Rhodes stopped Mo Morris in the backfield for a loss of three in the fourth.

Dwight Lowery seems a lot more comfortable in his new role of nickel back, and had two key plays, causing a pair of fumbles. Early in the second quarter, he was beat on a seam route by Will Heller, but then stripped the ball from the tight end and the fumble was recovered by Rhodes. Then in the middle of the same quarter he stripped fullback Len Weaver, and forced a fumble that Eric Smith recovered.

Ty Law had a PD on the left sideline on Taylor to end the first drive of the second half. Robinson beat Law on a slant for 13 yards early in the third. Law had a near pick early fourth on a pass to Taylor.

Special Teams –

Reggie Hodges had a solid day in poor conditions with three of his punts landing inside the 20, including one early in the fourth that was downed on the seven.

Jay Feely made his only field goal and then made another but the Jets were called for delay a game, but it was the fault of the officials.

The weather conditions seemed to take away Leon Washington's burst and he got little done on his returns.

Wallace Wright had a great stop on the second half kickoff.

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