Mangini on Pennington release in retrospect

Eric Mangini was asked on Tuesday if the release of Pennington will be considered a bad decision if the Dolphins make the playoffs and the Jets don't.

"It doesn't come down to that," said Mangini. "They (Favre and Pennington) aren't in a cage match on Sunday. There are two teams that play. Last week, they opened up the game with a 60-yard kickoff return and then run a reverse for a touchdown. Those are very important plays in that game. In our game, it's a function of how well special teams plays, how well the defense plays, how well the offensive line plays, how well the receivers play. Those two players are extremely important to their team, but no one play can win or lose games by themselves. It's collective.

"If you want to look at it in a very narrow context then that could be the context that you analyze it in. I've never been a part of a team where one player defines the success or failure."

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