Interview with Dolphin Insider Alain - Part 2

Q)Is Joey Porter having a great overall season or a great sack season?

A. He's having a great season in every way because he's also been causing fumbles, but if this is what you're getting at, no, I don't think he deserves to be in the running for NFL Defensive Player of the Year because he doesn't have that kind of every-down impact.

Q)How big a deal is the knee injury to ILB Channing Crowder?

A. Judging by the defense the Dolphins played last Sunday at Kansas City, one would think very big. But in my humble opinion, he's just not a difference-maker at linebacker. Yes, he makes a good number of tackles, but they're mostly down the field and he hardly ever makes impact plays.

Q)The secondary was bad early in the year; have they improved a lot then, and if so, why?

A. The secondary has improved gigantically since you saw them at Dolphin Stadium when they let Jerricho Cotchery run all alone downfield for a long touchdown. Why have they improved? Two major reasons: 1) Renaldo Hill replaced Chris Crocker at free safety and that has eliminated the major communication breakdowns that plagued this defense in the first few weeks; 2) Every individual players simply has been making more plays, starting with CB Andre' Goodman, who is playing lights out lately.

Q)How is Jason Ferguson playing at NT?

A. A nose tackle's performance is always hard to gauge because of the job description, but from appearances, Ferguson seems to be having a decent season. The Dolphins have been pretty solid against the run for most of the season, and in a 3-4 that always starts with the nose tackle.

Q)Who is the Dolphins best defensive player nobody is talking about - the unsung hero if you will?

A. I'd have to go back to Goodman, who can get kind of lost in the secondary because he's playing opposite Will Allen, who attracts a lot more attention. Goodman is a quiet, no-nonsense kind of guy who's not flashy but is very, very good in coverage.

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