Bob Sutton deserves better

If you are going to blame a coach for the Jets recent defensive swoon, blame the head coach, not Bob Sutton.

Let's be honest, Eric Mangini is essentially the team's defensive coordinator, even though Sutton has the title.

It was just like Mangini's one year as New England's defensive coordinator. Let's be honest, Bill Belichick was overseeing the defense that year.

Just like Belichick was the defensive chief when Romeo Crennel had the title in New England.

It has been reported recently that Mangini has officially taken over the defense in the last few games. How has that worked out?

So to make Sutton the scapegoat for the Jets defensive struggles this year is unfair, and the former Army coach, one of the classiest men in the NFL, deserves better.

It's Mangini's defense. Or at least 1/2 his defense. Mangini's background is all in defense. He's very hands on with that side of the ball. He's the co-defensive coordinator along with being the head coach.

So blame him at least 50 percent for the problems, not all Sutton.

Or in all fairness, perhaps we should blame neither one of them. Without an effective Kris Jenkins (hip injury) and no elite pass rusher, any coordinator would likely struggle with the group.

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