Mangini-Tannenbaum attached at the hip

If Eric Mangini is in trouble, then Mike Tannenbaum should be as well.

Honestly, I don't think either one should be on the hotseat.

But if you are going to talk about Mangini being on shaky ground, then you should also include Tannenbaum.

So many people are blaming Mangini for the Jets malaise over the last month, but a big part of the slump has been the veteran quarterback Tannenbaum traded for in August.

He has one touchdown pass in the last four games, and in none of those games was his quarterback rating over 61.

And when Tannnebaum traded for Brett Favre, he cut Chad Pennington, who signed with Miami, and it turned the division upside down.

"Without Pennington, Miami would have four wins, if they were lucky," said Boomer Esiason of CBS.

The Jets never would be playing Miami for the division title if they didn't essentially hand Pennington to the Dolphins.

So without being said, I don't understand why people want Mangini's head, and not Tannenbaum's.

Honestly, I don't think either one should go.

I think what needs to happen is they both need to loosen up and stop running such a dictatorship. All of their rules is leading to a tight team.

And something else the team needs is a fiery, charistmatic defensive coordinator (Rob Ryan).

Bob Sutton should not be fired. He either should offered another position in the organization, or join the Army staff as the defensive coordinator under new coach Rich Ellerson, a good friend of his.

If the Jets did fire Sutton, I can guarantee you that Parcells would offer him a job in the Miami organization.

But Mangini is so laid back, he can't have a defensive coordinator who is more mellow than he is. The Jets need a maniacal defensive coordinator oozing with personality who makes players want to tackle through defenders, instead of tackling them on the side, allowing them to trickle forward.

Defense isn't just about scheme, it's about passion.

Having two meloncholy dudes like Mangini and Sutton run a defense is a shaky plan because they are too similar.

But for all you fans and reporters out there that want Mangini out. In that plan, Tannenbaum needs to pack with him.

He made the risky Favre trade.

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