Spags isn't the way to go

Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is an excellent coach, but he's the wrong choice for the New York Jets.

Unless he's bringing Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka and Mike Strahan with him.

When you have those kind of pass rushers, it's a huge help to a defensive coordinator. How do you think Bob Sutton would have done with those four? Much better. The Jets don't have one guy even close to any of them.

But more importantly than that, Spags is a 4-3 coach. The Jets have been building and teaching the 3-4 the last three years. It's bad business to blow that up now and move to the 4-3.

Calvin Pace was a bad fit in the 4-3 in Arizona. His career took off in his fourth year when the Cardinals switched to the 3-4 and moved him to outside linebacker. Are the Jets willing to eat the rest of his six-year, $42 million contract?

The Jets have a bunch of players like this, who are best suited to the 3-4.

To ignore what you have been building and teaching over the last three years, and just go with the sexy choice. To me, that makes little sense.

You don't build this kind of system over three years and then blow it up. Even Mike Tomlin, a 4-3 coach, kept the 3-4, when he went to Pittsburgh.

To keep throwing new playbooks and technique at players every few years is bad business and the signs of a rutterless ship.

If the Jets want to fall further behind New England and Miami, they can blow up the defense, and create a ton of dysfunction.

This defense was fine until Kris Jenkins hurt his hip.

Marty Schottenheimer or Bill Callahan (who took the Raiders to ths Super Bowl - how have they done since he left?) are the better choices for the Jets. The Jets need some continuity.

Continuity is king.

Just ask New England.

So unless Spags is bringing those four awesome 4-3 pass rushers, who were the key to the Super Bowl win last year, with him, the Jets shouldn't blow up the 3-4.

It would be bad business.

And the Jets are always considered second class citizens to the Giants in New York. Reaching out to the Giants to find their answer for a coach, will only make this worse.

The Jets don't need another assistant coach who has to learn on the job how to be a head coach. That was the case with their last three head coaches. How'd that work out?

They need a proven commodity right now like Callahan or Marty Schottenheimer.

This isn't the time for another experiment.

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