Mr. T. getting bad rap in Cowher situation

There is so much blame and misinformation flying around about Bill Cowher's non-interest in the Jets job. Let's try to set the record straight.

There have been a lot of reports stating that it was the presence of GM Mike Tannenbaum that turned off Cowher. The various reports state Cowher doesn't want to work under Tannenbaum or any existing GM.

There was also a published report that Cowher didn't want to inherit a team with Brett Favre as it's quarterback.

Honestly, both angles might have some truth to them. Maybe Cowher wouldn't want to work under Tannenbaum or coach Favre, but in 2008-2009, neither one of them factored into the former Pittsburgh coach's decision to turn down the Jets.

He also turned down Cleveland and Kansas City this week, two teams he has stronger ties to than the Jets.

He's not coaching this year. End of story.

"Forget Bill Cowher," a friend of Cowher's told JC on Monday. "He's not coaching this year. I'm with him a lot and we talk about [his coaching future] a lot. He will not return until 2010 at the earliest."

So Cowher turning down the Jets this week had nothing to do with anything but the coach's desire to sit out another year.

So it's time to stop blaming people.

There are no scapegoats in this story.

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