Jets need to go continuity route

It's essential that as the Jets move forward, they keep Bryan Schottenheimer's offense, Bill Callahan's offensive line schemes, Mike Westhoff's special team's playbook and the 3-4 defense. If they blow everything up and start over, they will be making a huge mistake.

Good organizations don't keep throwing new playbooks at players (look at Pittsburgh and Indy). It's a big mistake. The Jets aren't that far away. They need to make the transition to the new coach as seamless as possible.

That is why they need to hire either Marty Schottenheimer, who wouldn't mess with the systems, or promote Callahan or Bryan Schottenheimer.

Think about it, if Favre retires, they will have their three young quarterbacks competing for the starting job. The best thing for all three would be to stay with Brian's offense. If the Jets throw a new playbook at one of three young-signal callers, that would be a collosal error.

The best chance all three of them have to succeed is with the playbook they now understand.

And the Jets better not mess with their offensive line. It was superb this year.

And Westhoff is one of the best in the business.

So the way to go here is to hire Marty or promote Brian or Callahan to head coach.

Don't blow things up again. That would be a enormous mistake, and probably lead to a last place finish next year in a division with the three other team's coming back in tact.

Don't worry about having to "sell" the selection to the public. That is a mistake. Leave the marketing people out of this. Make a solid football decision and winning football games will be the best sales pitch.

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