Jets Downplay Revenge Factor

Several Jets spoke today about Sunday's showdown with the Patriots, but none would admit that revenge is on their minds.

Ray Mickens:


Q: Is there a little extra motivation playing the patriots on Sunday?


Mickens: What happened in the past happened in the past. A full season has passed almost, and we're a different team then we were at the beginning of the season. This is a game where we're thinking about the playoffs. The playoffs are the only thing on our mind, and if we lose this game, we're out of the playoffs. That's where our mindset is right now.


Q: Do you remember how stung you were after the first Patriots game?


Mickens: To be honest with you, I can't remember how I felt after the game. I just know that in the overall season, there's one week that sticks out and that's the bye week. Anything that happened before the bye week wasn't real good for us. After the bye week we changed our tide and we're a different team now.


Q: Nick Ferguson said that he'd be more juiced up for this game because there was a lot of trash talk from New England the last time.


Mickens: The only thing that would bring a little extra is that it's a rivalry game, with players that used to play on this team, ex teammates and ex coaches, things of that nature. I don't think all the bickering of the past has anything to do with this game. We're not putting anything on bulletin boards or anything like that. What we want to do is win this game because if we don't win this game, we're out of the playoffs.


Anthony Becht:


Q: What do you remember from the first Patriots game?


Becht: That's one of the losses that we gotta remember a little bit. We lost pretty bad. I don't think the score showed how closely we played, but we're gonna come out this week and come hard. It's an important game for both teams. We gotta win out and they gotta win out, so it's gonna be a good battle.


Q: Because of the score and some of the things that were said, is there a little bit of a revenge factor?


Becht: You know what, we're just going out there and playing. We're not going to really worry about anything like that. This is a game that both teams have to win, and the only thing that both teams are going to think about is going in there and battling.


Chad Pennington:


Q: The way the first game went, do you think about revenge at all?


Pennington: No, I think we're a totally different team than in the first team. You have a sense of pride about that, you have pride about yourself and you're going to come in ready to play. You're not going to have to look for a challenge or look for something to give you inspiration. You have that. This is about the Jets coming together as a team and having a good week.

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