Don't listen to media in coaching search

Attention Woody Johnson. Don't pick Steve Spagnuolo because a bunch of New York sportswriters say you should. Pick him if he's the best candidate.

The endorsements are flying in for Spagnuolo from sportswriters who wouldn't know Rex Ryan if he was standing next to them.

Woody, if you are smart, you ignore this. Don't worry about appeasing newspapers or sports talk hosts when making this choice.

Because if it doesn't work, they will forget they pushed for the choice and go after you.

Just look at what happened with the Brett Favre trade. Endorsements across the board, and now most of those same people have turned on Favre, and the Jets, for making the move, like pitbulls.

In Saturday's New York Times, there was this troubling report.

"The favorite is Steve Spagnuolo, the Giants' defensive coordinator, according to two team officials in the Jets' organization, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the interview process has not been completed," wrote Greg Bishop.

Who are these misguided people in the organization annointing a guy the favorite before he even interviewed for the job?

That is just foolish.

What makes Spagnuolo a better candidate than Ryan? Can someone please explain this to me.

Spagnuolo might be the best guy for the job, but for two people for the organization to say he's the favorite before he even interviews is idiotic.

Don't fall for the trap Woody. Don't pick a guy to appease the media and public.

Because if it doesn't work out, they will forget what they said, and destroy you.

And plus, what do these people know about picking a coach?

The only reason they are high on Spags is because they know him better than the other candidates.

That is it.

And remember Woody, he can't bring Osi, Mathias, Michael and Justin with him, so if you think he's magically going to make your defense into the Purple People eaters, you are wrong.

Let the process play out, and may the best man win.

Don't make the choice based on public opinion polls.

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