Daily News continues to make Jets look bad

Jet antagonist Gary Myers along with Rich Cimini went out of their way to make the Jets look bad in today's Daily News. "Same Old Jets" was brought up again.

"First, the Jets were spurned by Bill Cowher. Now their brief flirtation with Mike Shanahan is over, according to an NFL source," they co-wrote today in the New York Daily News.

First of all, Cowher's people have repeatedly said he's not coaching this year, so how could he "spurn" anyone? Unless he's lying about not wanting to coach this year.

Aren't we all getting tired of his mixed messages?

And as for Shanahan, the Jets were never going to hire him. They were just "turning over every rock" as they like to say. Why would the Jets hire Shanahan who is coming off a worse collapse than they had this year?

And why would the Jets want to hire Shanahan when he would want control of personnel, considering he's a terrible GM?

So this story was an another example of the Daily News trying to make the Jets look like idiots, which seems to be a hobby over there.

A "Same Old Jets" headline was also used on their website on Saturday.

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