Cimini compares job to plumber

Long-time Jets beat writer Rich Cimini wrote on Sunday about how messed up the Jets organization is, and compared his job to that of a plumber.

"For a beat writer, a coaching search is a 24/7 job, an endless cycle of phone calls, rumors, deadlines, rewrites, more phone calls and pangs of competitive paranoia," wrote Cimini in Sunday's Daily News. "For a Jets beat writer, it's part of the job. You're like a Roto Rooter man: Inevitably, it's going to overflow and it's your responsibility to deal with the mess.

"Some football writers get to cover long playoff runs and Super Bowls, but Jets writers cover institutional upheaval. Coach X gets booted and we spent the next few weeks trying to figure out the next victim, the disillusioned coach who accepts the Jets' offer, smiles for the cameras and vows to make a difference - only to get spit out three of four years later by the green dragon that swallows up the best of them."

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