Jets need to give Rex Ryan a long look

With almost no contribution from the quarterback position, the Baltimore Ravens beat the Miami Dolphins convincingly on the road in the first round of the playoffs. It was all about their defense.

And their brilliant defensive coordinator Rex Ryan.

He is the biggest reason John Harbaugh has been so successful as a rookie head coach.

How often does Chad Pennington throw four picks in a game?

The Ravens put pressure on Pennington all day in Dolphin Stadium, and the cerebral QB never new where it was going to come from next.

The is the genius of Ryan. Out of his 3-4 front, you never know where he's going to send the blitzers.

And he hasn't had the luxury of working with pass rushers like Osi, Justin, Mathias and Michael.

The man is amazing, and was also a big part of the success of the former Ravens coach Brian Billick also.

Forget about Billick.

The Jets should hire the real brains behind the Ravens success - Rex Ryan.

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