"There is no tier system."

Here is the update on the Jets coaching search, and we can guarantee you there is no tier system.

"Mr. Johnson met with Brian Schottenheimer today, and he will meet with Coach Callahan tomorrow," said a Jets spokesman. "And we have permision from Indianapolis to speak to Ron Meeks. We will interview Ron Meeks on Friday. And we are going to interview Russ Grimm on Thursday in Arizona."

What about Baltimore's Rex Ryan?

"We have permission from the Ravens, but nothing has been scheduled," said the spokesman.

And what about the WFAN report on Monday that the team has a tier system set up with Rex Ryan, Russ Grimm and Steve Spagnuolo on the top level, and Brian Schottenheimer and Bill Callahan on the second level.

"There are no tiers," said the spokesman. "I think a conversation might have been misinterpreted. He took the wrong intrepretation, and this isn't meant to be disrepectful to the host. There is no tier system."

The spokesman had no comment when asked about whether the Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski has interviewed with the team.

"I'm declining comment on that," said the spokesman.

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