Transcript of Dan's Premium Chat - Part II

If you missed Dan's first premium chat for, here is Part I of what you missed . . .

Q)What can you tell us about Daboll (?), the QB coach apparently headed to the Browns as OC?

Dan: Daboll was the quarterback coach who didn't seem to have a lot of control of FAvre

Q)Sounds like no one did, from what we out-of-towners have heard.

Dan: No, I never met Daboll or ever talked to him because we weren't allowed to. Position coaches were off limits. He is a friend of Mangini from the New England staff

Q)Is there anything in his background or time with the Jets that would lead you to think he would be an effective OC?

Dan: I hear he's very bright, but I've never met him, but you will because coordinators have to be made available to the media Daboll will be fine - remember he came from New England - Charlie Weiss took that New England office to Notre Dame, and Brady Quinn knows it well

Q)Do you think that the Jets will make the right move and go with Rex Ryan as their Head Coach or suprise us?

Dan: I think Rex Ryan would be perfect. But it's hard to tell because he hasn't interviewed yet. Who knows - Ryan could flop in the interview you never know

Q)What an innovative DC he was with the Ravens, wow...

Q)Another question - are u confident in Tannenbaum calling the shots?

Dan: I hear Ryan is absolutely brilliant. I sat next to a guy he coached with on a flight a few years ago, and the guy said he was a math genius - really, really smart

Dan: I have no problem with Tannenbaum calling the shots.

Q)I think we need a Football guy in the Front office - someone like an Ozzie Newsome who can combine Football knowledge as well as a the business side of things

Dan: Revis, Harris, Ferguson, Mangold, Jenkins - he's made some good moves

Q)Good point, although Gholston pick will really set us back

Dan: Remember Ernie Accorsi was a sports writer. So was Marty Hurney in Carolina. You can grow into being a football guy. Tannenbaum works his ass off

Q)Any thoughts on what we do with QB position next year? Radliff, Clemens or try to trade for a Hasselback or sign Garcia?

Q)Scout's Tom Marino told me that he thought Gholston would be a bust last year before the draft. Check out some of his old stories on it.

Dan: I would think the QB would depend on the new coach and the system he runs. I think Ratliff can do it, I really do

Dan: Tom made some great points around the draft about Gholston

Q)Interesting - I had read reports too after the draft and a number of scouts said that Gholston had bust written all over him

Q)I have been a subscriber to JC for a while and know that you have been high on Radliff since they he joined the team

Dan: I can't be a hypocrite on Gholston - I praised the pick. But now watching him, I don't think he will ever be great.

Dan: I think Ratliff has a better feel for the game than Clemens

Q)Just wanted to add that you do a real good job Dan & that you are very objective which I appreciate. You trash the Jets when they deserve it and support them when they deserve it as well

Dan: Too many reporters disrespect the Jets and bring up History all the time - history has nothing to do with now

Q)agreed but it does appear that the losing culture is something that we can not avoid

Q)Mangini is going from an antagonistic environment to a very safe one, it seems.

Dan: But I think the culture was changed by Parcells. It's really not that bad now

Q)Do you think that Billick has a shot in NYC, and do you think it would be a good move by the Jets?

Dan: I'm sure Eric, like Bill Belichick, learned a great deal from his first experience and will do better in many areas this time around

Q)I hope Mangini does well in Cleveland

Dan: Billick is absolutely the wrong choice - his defenses carried him, that is why if you go the Baltimore route, you go with Ryan

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