Transcript of Dan's Premium Chat - Part II

Here is Part II of the transcript from Dan's chat on on Wednesday night.

Dan: If Quinn turns into a franchise QB, Eric will do fine in Cleveland - this is a QB driven league

Q)Are the Jets talking to McDaniels or Garrett? Dan: No. I can't believe Garrett is getting interviews

QWhat are our chances of keeping Westhoff?

Dan: Westhoff has that leg issue and his doctors are in New York - I doubt he wants to move

Q)Hope I am not throwing too much out there Dan but what do you see as greatest need for draft? Shutdown CB or a fast WR (hear a lot about Macklin as well as Harvin from Florida)

Dan: I don't think McDaniels is ready

Q)Hey daddybe1! Feel free to ask any questions you have!

Q)I think Clowney could be a player

Dan: I was just writing about the draft for the next issue, and I had the Jets picking the Vanderbilt cornerback or Raji from BC - huge nose tackle to platoon with Jenkins.

Dan: Clowney needs to work on his route running, but he has a lot of potential

Q)I think we may also need to release some players in order to save some money - LC, Bryant Thomas, Law, Barrett

Dan: Releasing Coles wouldn't help because they guaranteed his money for this year

Dan: I doubt Law is under contract

Q)I watched a bit of the CB from Univ of Cincinnati - he might be a good pick in round 2

Q: OK - Good point about Coles

Dan: The Jets definitely need to pick a cornerback in the first two rounds. I think Lowery is best suited as a nickel or safety.

Q)Are we in good cap shape for 09?

Dan: Not really - I think they are 15 million over

Q)I see some drafts having Jets going with Beenie Wells or Moreno in round 1

Dan: But Favre retiring would help that situation

Q)Any chance that the Jets could trade up to a top ten pick and get one of the top 3 QB's?

Dan: Shonn, the RB from Iowa - the Jets need another tailback - Leon and Jones are good, but they have little depth there, and they could use a big back with speed

Q)As far as farve though you can't count him out

Q)I like the kid from Iowa - runs hard and tough Dan: If Jags gets the job, maybe Favre hangs round

Q)U don't think Jags will get Head Job do u or are u talking OC?<> Dan: I think he has a chance. I hear he has a dynamic personality

Q)That could be a huge mistake - don't u think???

Dan: He did a great job with Matt Ryan Q)Wondering about the future of Brian Thomas, at this point i think he needs to go

Q)I know but does he have experience to take a HC for a professional team? Dan: The Jets need to hire a coach with a big personality and great coaching ability. I hear Jags has an amazing personality

Q)You may be right - just seems very risky

Dan: He's paid his dues - long-time assistant in college and NFL and learned how to be a head coach the last two years

Q)I could see having him as an OC and let Rex Ryan run the team

Dan: I don't think he's the front runner, but don't count him out. Hey, he gave up his job for the interview - that has to get him some points

Q)I was suprised that he took the interview with Jets knowing that he was going to get fired from BC

Dan: Bryan Thomas is a good run stuffer, but offers little pass rush. Once again, the Bryan Thomas decision will depend on new coach's system

Q)I heard a report that he was also negotiating with Seattle for OC position and he used the Jets interview as leverage to get more $ from Seattle

Dan: I think he and the AD hate each other, so he didn't care. Plus, Mora will hire him like you said

Q)I heard the Hawks just hired ex OC from Raiders as their OC - Kapp?

Dan: Knapp. Jags could always be the QB coach - Mora would find a spot for him - they are friends

Q)that would make sense...

Q)How much do u think we would need to give up in order to get someone like Hasselbeck.

Dan: Hasselbeck has a lot of miles and injuries, though he's a terrific player

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