Would Russ Grimm be a good choice?

While you have to respect the Jets brass for flying cross country to conduct a job interview, you have to wonder if the candidate they went to meet is the best fit for the Jets.

Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum were in Arizona today to interview the Cardinals offensive line coach Russ Grimm.

Remember, he was the runner-up for the Pittsburgh Steelers job a few years ago. He essentially had the job, but then Mike Tomlin blew away Pittsburgh's owners in his interview, and they changed their minds.

While Grimm looks like a guy who will be a head coach in the league one day, he doesn't look like the right guy for the current Jets' opening.

First off, the Arizona offensive line was very average this year. The Jets dominated them early in the year, and looked like "The Sack Machine" in that game. But it turned out the Jets pass rush wasn't very good. We found that out over the second half of the year. But in that game, they looked like "The Purple People Eaters."

And the Cardinal's high-priced right tackle, Levi Brown, who was the fifth pick of the draft last year, was awful in that game. The Jets dominated him. And Grimm clearly had a say in that selection, and has been the man assigned to develop the Penn State-product, and the kid looks like a middle round type player.

The Cardinals were the worst running team in the league this year.

If you are going to hire an offensive line coach to be your head coach, you would want a guy whose unit was exceptional, and that clearly wasn't the case this year for Grimm in Arizona.

In fact, the Jets offensive line was much better than Arizona's this year, so if you are looking for an offensive line coach to make a head coach, Bill Callahan seems like a stronger candidate right now than Grimm.

I have nothing against Grimm. I'm sure he will make a great head coach one day.

But for a number of reasons he doesn't seem like the right hire for the Jets at this time.

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