Part III of Dan's Premium Chat with Jets fans

Here is Part III of Dan's Premium Chat with Jets fans from Wednesday at jetsconfidential.

Fan)I would also like to see Murrell get a shot next year with new Def Coordinator - could u see him doing well with Rex Ryan scheme?

Fan)Any thoughts on the missuse of kerry rhodes? Far to talented a player to produce so little

Dan: I could see Murrell doing very well. He has a great motor

Fan)Carlos Rogers possible could be released 12 1202235.html

Dan: Carlos Rogers would be a great addition to the Jets.

Dan: I think the problem for Rhodes was two fold. First off, He had to be a traffic cop too often and had to help out because some of the young guys were making mistakes and that took away from his game. Secondly, while Jerome Henderson is a wonderful guy, he was over his head this year as secondary coach - too inexperienced and that hurt the unit.

Fan)interesting assessment


Fan)it did look bad when the Jets D could not figure out how to defend 49'rs bunch formation the whole game

Dan:just to let you know i am a big fan and love to here your perspective on our team thanks a milli dan

Dan:No problem - Daddy - thanks for the support

Dan:The Jets secondary had issues this year, there is no doubt, though a pass rush could have helped

Fan)This is great stuff! I am a die hard and focus on the Jets 12 months out of the year - Great Work Dan

Dan:dan your whispers section is awesome but your chad support knows no limits. lol. is he a personal friend?

Fan)there are times though that I tell myself that the Jets are not worth it and I am just leading a life of

Dan:I have no relationship with Chad at all. Dan:Sully, you sound like Joe Benigno Fan)Chad was a great Jet and a better guy from what I hear but it was time for him to go

Fan)u might be right there Dan about sounding like Joe BeningoFthats whats gonna make it that much sweeter when we win it all pretty soon stick with us

Fan)We were talking again about needs for D...

Fan)and O-line

Dan:The Jets need another ILB to work with Harris - Barton is okay, but they need a thumper

Dan:They could use another backup on the OL - they wer elucky they were healthy this year - though I really like Wayne Hunter - good signing

Dan:Obviously if they could get Rey M from USC, that would be perfect

Fan)Do you expect better injury reports going forward, lol

Fan)ny chance if he falls to 17

Dan:Much better - that is Cleveland's problem now

Dan:I doubt Rey slips, unless he runs poorly

Fan)Dan - did u ever get to know Mangini or is he too protected

Dan:No - he was shuffled in and out of the room - 20 minutes on the nose - no other time to get near him

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