Final section of Dan's chat session

Here is the final part of Dan's chat session with Jets fans on Wednesday. See what you missed.

Fan)Dan, you wrote mangini was safe, were you shocked?

Dan: I got that story totally wrong - a source told me the coordinators were going to be whacked.

Fan)Hey dl is it me or do the jets just not seem to have any tough hitters that make u quirm after hits

Dan: Woody was really upset at the lack of fire and passion

Fan)Do u think the decision was entirely by Woody? Dan: The Jets need to start tackling like the Ravens

Dan: Offensive players need to go backwards sometimes

Fan)Ravens are a treat to watch

Dan: Woody made the decision -he saw a team with no fire

Fan)That would be a great story - lack of passion cans mangenious

Fan)The Ravens are nasty - which we need. I saw Suggs punch Dolphins RB in the facemask while the pile was being formed. I think it was Ronnie Brown.

Fan)We don't have team speed like them but are a little bigger so maybe Rex can fix us up

Dan: The Jets need a maniacal defensive coach who makes the player foam at the mouth and some players leaders that do that also

Fan) Amen

Fan)Any leaders now on Jets D that could be That guy?

Dan: Mangini is very smart, but wasn't good at firing up players

Dan: Jenkins, Ellis are fiery. Harris is very quiet

Fan) Could see Jenkins being that guy

Fan)Callahan go or stay? best guess

Fan)Do the Jets regret trading John AB

Dan: They should regret it, though Mangold was outstanding this year

Dan: Callahan is the one assistant they need to make sure Mangini doesn't get

Fan)I always though AB was better than Ellis

Fan)He was just hurt too often

Fan)Not good against run and wasn't durable

Dan: But an fantastic pass rusher who single-handedly won some games.

Fan)I know but we have not had someone to attack QB since. Probably since Mark Gastineau

Dan: That is why this Gholston situation is killing them - they needed him to be that guy

Fan)Do u think he could have in a 4-3

Fan) Best d's have superior safety play - we lacked that

Fan) Is Gholston simply not fluid enough?

Fan)Elam made some but liability in coverage ... thoughts Dan: It's early on Gholston, but he's a little too mellow

Dan: Elam isn't a starter

Fan) Have faith in gholston he will come around let him get over the rookie jitters

Dan: Eric Smith isn't bad - maybe Lowery at safety

Fan)Time is too short now to give a rookie a full year to produce

Dan: And he got 21 million guaranteed


Dan: Well guys, thanks - we will do this again real soon - tell you friends

Fan) Much appreciated!!!

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