We're still in it

20-13. That was the final score from the NY Jets/Chicago Bears game that took place this past Sunday. Not only was this diehard Jets Fan extremely depressed from this stunning loss, I was annoyed too. It frustrated me beyond belief that the NY Jets, riding some great momentum from a Denver Broncos victory, just fell flat against a 3-10 team.

I give the Bears credit though; they were the better team that Sunday and played with a whole lot of intensity, emotion, and pride. The Miami Dolphins obliterated them the week before on national television, so they wanted to prove to the world that they weren't a joke. Unfortunately, the Jets got the scratches by a very upset paw, and ended up losing in a game they needed to give them a better chance of making the NFL Playoffs. With only 2 weeks left in this unpredictable NFL Season, this is it people. The NY Jets need to defeat the New England Patriots as well as the Green Bay Packers to have a chance of making it in via the Wildcard spot. There are several ways the Jets can still make it but even if they win those two, it may or may not be enough.


It's do or die for the Jets this coming Sunday, December 22nd, 2002 when they take on the New England Patriots at their Home. The Jets are the "Road Warriors" in this game since to me; they tend to do better on the road than at their own Home. The Patriots are coming off a fresh loss to the Tennessee Titans and will have a short week to prepare for the Gang Green. If the Jets win (and I believe they will), they'll still be in it. I don't like to talk about negativity or anything of that matter when it concerns this Team. Lets just say that the phrase I used to start this paragraph, is exactly what it means, it's do or die.


As much as I hate to say this, the Jets not only have to depend on themselves to make the NFL Playoffs, they also have to depend on other teams to get in too. If the Jets defeat the Patriots, it will set up a very interesting scenario that depends on some Vikings and Patriots to squash some fish. If the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots can defeat the Miami Dolphins, the Jets would win the AFC East. It's that simple! Lets say some miracle happens and the fish were to win one of those two games, then the Jets (They'd be 9-7 depending on if they beat those final two teams) would need the help of other Teams to be able to make the Playoffs through the Wildcard. The Jets hold tiebreakers over the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos. However, if either the Baltimore Ravens or Cleveland Browns finish the Season at 9-7, it's a red light for the Gang Green. Plus if the Kansas City Chiefs have a second place 9-7 tie with the San Diego Chargers, it's a no go for the Jets as well. This interesting scenario can rack the brains but hey, it's all about hoping for the Jets to get that ticket to the NFL Playoffs.


Now, I know you've all seen the last play from that Jets/Bears game involving "Mr. Third Down" WR Wayne Chrebet. Let me just say, I don't blame him at all for losing this game. This guy is a great player and was just trying to do something extra to get the Jets into the end zone. He's just 5'10 and I thought he jumped pretty damn high to try and elude 3 Bears. It was a gutsy play that did cost the Jets the game since he fumbled. That's just the way things are in the NFL, I would rather he done what he did and try to get that extra energy to make it, than him not doing anything at all. I know it goes against the ethics of football since by NFL law, he should have went down and allow more plays to be executed by the Offense. But sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do. It may not be the best thing in the world to do, but what if Wayne DID get over those three Bears and into the end zone for the game-winning TD? Unfortunately, he didn't, but hey, we all live and we all learn. He was just putting in some extra effort and you have to respect him for giving it all he's got.


Believe it or not fellow Jets Fans, we're still in it. It would have been a heck of a lot easier had the Jets won, but we're now playing with the cards we were dealt with. It's time for the Jets to step up, keep their composure, and play with all the emotion they can muster. This is pretty much it, the Jets HAVE to win these two last games and just hope for a miracle. These days in the NFL, you just never know what to expect next.


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