Daily News cheap shots continue with Lupica

New York Daily News sports/political columnist Mike Lupica didn't like the way the Jets handled their pursuit of Bill Cowher.

"Let me get this straight for the last time: The owner of the Jets was on vacation when his team was trying to hire Bill Cowher to be its new football coach?" wrote Lupica in Sunday's Daily News. "Maybe there was nothing Woody was going to say to convince Cowher to take over what we generously call the Jets' organization. Maybe there was no persuading to be done and no reasonable - or unreasonable amount of money - that was going to bring Cowher back to coaching anytime before the 2010 season. But if you're the owner of the team, you have to find out for yourself."

First of all, a friend of Cowher's told JC he wasn't coaching this year under any circumstances, so what is the difference if the owner had to attend to business out of the country or not>

Cowher also told the Cleveland and Kansas City owners he wasn't coaching this year.

Secondly, how would Lupica know anything about what is going on with the Jets, since he never goes to training camp, Florham Park or any games? Everything he writes about the team is from his home in Connecticut.

The sports editor of the Daily News doesn't make him actually go to team facilities or stadiums that house teams that he writes about.

Lupica seems to be above that.

And what does this mean?

"What we generously call the Jets' organization."

Are you questioning their whole operation? How would you know enough about how they are run, since you have never been to their complex to talk to people and see how they operate?

It's become a hobby for some people to take cheap shots at the Jets, and the Daily News seems to have made a cottage industry out it.

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