5 Questions with Santana Moss

The Jets' young wide receiver talks about his lack of involvement in the offense.

Q: How do you explain why you haven't been getting many catches over the last several weeks?


Moss: I had four catches this past week, and two of them didn't count. You're going to have games where you have five catches, four catches. It's all in the schemes. We have different schemes every week and different numbers are called. If my number gets called, I got to make sure I get the best of it and show up. Unfortunately, two of my passes [last week], one of them was pass interference called on me and another one I caught clean and the guy said I bobbled it. It was clean caught because we saw it on film. So, I'm going to have games where I have four or five catches, [but] it's not my worry. I don't worry about how many catches I have. I just want to go out there and do my part when my number is called.


Q: Have teams been taking away the deep ball and limiting you in that way?


Moss: No, there's no difference. You just have to look at everybody on the field. You have a guy, 87, he's over there hot. You can't just say we're not going to look at him and worry about me. There's none of that. It's all in the schemes, and whoever's number gets called, just make the play.


Q: Over the last eight games, you're averaging about nine yards a catch. What are your thoughts on that?


Moss: It's football man. You're going to have the long catches and you're going to have the short catches. Make the ones that you catch count, no matter what way they come. If they come behind the back to you, you have to catch them. That's what I do. I can't complain about how they come, when they come, where they come. My job is to just catch the ball.


Q: You've been getting more shorter routes lately, and less of the deep routes.


Moss: When I came out, that's all I was doing was go deep, deep, deep. We still go deep sometimes, but you can't just go out there and say, ‘Santana's in the game, he's going deep.' Teams get that in their head and try to cover that, so you just have to give me what's open. Most of the time now, some of the teams give me a little respect now and back off me a little and give me the shorter routes. So I have to take advantage of it.


Q: Is this how you envisioned this year going for you?


Moss: My main thing this year was just to get back and play football. I don't look at stats. I never go into a season and say I want to get [certain things] accomplished. This year, what I wanted to get accomplished was playing and being myself, and I feel that I've done that this year. This is a learning year all over again. I think this is my rookie season. Last year was a bumpy road and I fought through it and made the best of it. Now that I have this year almost behind me, I'm going to look for bigger and better things out of myself next year.




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