Florio takes another shot at Tannenbaum

Pro Football Talk publisher Mike Florio took another cheap shot at Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum on Monday.

"[Joe] Ellis is the latest in a line of Tom Lewands and Paul Vances and (though he carries the title of G.M.) Mike Tannenbaums – Don Draper-types who used a mastery of the intricate rules of the salary cap to position themselves to have significant influence over the football operation while having no accountability for on-field failure because, after all, they're not football guys (as Lewand emphasized a couple of weeks ago in the press conference introducing him as the team's president)," wrote Florio.

Ernie Accorsi and Marty Hurney were sportswriters who turned into GM's. Arizona offensive coordinator Todd Haley didn't even play football, and now he's a head coaching candidate.

Mike Tannenbaum after over a decade in the league is a football guy. Through a lot of hard work he has turned himself into a really solid football man.

We sent Florio a copy of the yesterday's article from jetsconfidential.com stating all the good moves Tannenbaum has made as GM, and he had little interest in it.

Perhaps he has an agenda against Tannenbaum, you never know.

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