This threat probably won't scare Woody

According to Adam Schefter of the NFL Network, the Jets must choose between Rex Ryan and Brian Schottenheimer for their head coaching job, if it's truly down to those two. Schefter reports Schottenheimer won't likely hang around as offensive coordinator if he doesn't get the top position.

"A prevailing thought circulating around New York and the NFL is that the Jets can pull off a daily double and hire a dynamic duo," wrote Schefter on his blog. "They can land two of their top coaching candidates by hiring Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan as their coach and keeping Brian Schottenheimer as their offensive coordinator. But hold on. Anyone making that suggestion should be flagged for a false start. Hiring Ryan does not insure keeping Schottenheimer; in fact, it is just the opposite, multiple league sources say.

"If the Jets hire Ryan, the strong belief is that Schottenheimer will look to leave the Jets. Schottenheimer stayed with the Jets two seasons ago when he opted to turn down the Dolphins coaching job. Now, two seasons later, it is unlikely he would do the same if New York picked another candidate over him."

If Schottenheimer's agent, Jimmy Sexton, a possible source in this story, thinks that painting this scenario is going to scare the Jets into picking Brian, he's probably mistaken.

Not that the Jets make decisions based on what Joe Benigno's reaction is going to be, but it would probably be hard to find one Jets fan who thinks the Jets should pick Schottenheimer over Ryan.

And while the Jets shouldn't pander to the public when making their choice, picking Schottenheimer over Ryan would be a PR disaster, and they must know that.

While B-Schotty is an impressive young coach, and probably blew the Jets away with his dynamic personality during his two interviews, it's hard to call him a slam dunk head coaching candidate right now.

Two years ago, the Jets offense wasn't very good. Granted a lot of the team's problems weren't Schottenheimer's fault because they were related to personnel, but the bottom line is it was a bad year for the offense.

And this year, the team's offense struggled down the stretch after looking very solid during the 8-3 start. It just didn't have a good flow. Once again, you have to cut Schottenheimer some slack. His quarterback made some crazy decisions in the last five games. But still, the bottom line is the offense didn't look very good at the end of the year, and he's the coordinator.

His first year with the Jets, in 2006, was his best.

So this hardball position described by Schefter probably isn't going to scare anyone in Florham Park.

Why should it? Let's be honest, Schottenheimer wasn't in the mix for any other head coaching jobs this year. He doesn't have a lot of juice, especially with the inconsistency of his offense over the last two years.

If Schottenheimer wants out if Ryan lands the job, then the Jets could move on, and the two leading candidates for the job would be offensive line coach Bill Callahan and Ravens QB coach Hue Jackson.

B-Schotty looks like he's going to be a terrific head coach one day, but if the Jets pick Ryan over him, there aren't going to be a lot people in the football world who will think that the 35-year-old offensive coordinator got a raw deal.

His day will come.

And he could learn a lesson from Ryan. He got passed over last year in Baltimore for the head coaching job, but he stayed on John Harbaugh's staff, did a terrific job, and was an even stronger candidate this year.

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