The chatter continues on Tannenbaum

I heard Carl Banks talking today on the radio about the current . . .

Jets coaching and front office situations.

"Does Mike Tannenbaum need a personnel guy to come in and help him - maybe," Banks said.

Now Banks wasn't taking a shot at Tannenbaum. He was just bringing up a theory that a lot of people seam to have, that perhaps Tannenbaum is over his head.

I don't think he is. The man has been in the league over a decade. When will the critics allow him to drop the tag of "cap guy" and respect him as a "football guy?"

It's about time for people to realize is now a bonafide football man.

You get the sense there are some personnel guys in the league who resent that Tannenbaum has a GM job and they don't. It seems like in every other issue of Pro Football Weekly, some unnamed scout or personnel director is taking a shot at Tannenbaum.

This is just jealousy at work.

And the concept that the Jets need to bring in some personnel guru to help Tannenbaum is misguided and I will tell you why.

Do people think that he is making personnel decisions on an island? He's got two very capable first lieutenants in Terry Bradway and Joey Clinkscales on the college side, and JoJo Wooden and Scott Cohen on the pro side.

And when the new coach is named, he will have another talent evaluator to lean on.

He's not sitting in his office like some kind of Hugo Chavez figure acting like a dictator and not listening to people.

It's really time for all the questions about Tannenbaum's qualifications to end.

Is he the best GM in the league? No. But he's done a pretty solid job with the Jets and it's time for people to recognize that.

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