5 Questions with Tom Brady

The Patriots QB spoke to the New York media this week about the highly anticipated rematch with the Jets on Sunday night.

What do you think of Chad Pennington and do you have a relationship with him since the draft?


Yeah, I have gotten to know Chad even since the day we were drafted.  Going into that draft, he is a guy that everywhere I was at, he was at.  He has done a great job.  He seems to really take command, seems to really get his guys to play hard with him.  And he is obviously playing very well.  He is throwing the ball well.  I have had a chance to watch a lot of the games just through watching a lot of tape over the course of the year, he has done a great job.  It will be fun for him to come up here and see what Foxboro is all about for the first time.  It will be fun for me to play against him. 


What specifically about their defense impresses you since you saw them last time?


They seem to be making a lot of plays.  With the LB core they've got, that is a great foundation there.  Right up the middle the defensive line is playing well.  Obviously Abraham, he is a factor as he always is.  And he's got what, 8.5 sacks or something like that.  Safeties are playing good, corners are pretty aggressive and they are really starting to play that style of defense that coach Edwards seems to like.  So they rally around the ball, they hit hard, know it is a fast defense, that is something that they are going to be (inaudible) to come up here and we are excited to have them up here and play a very meaningful game late in the year.   


Are there a couple of things that you can point to as you have become more experienced that you could tell Chad to look out for in the future?


I think everyone's learning curve is different, and Chad is probably learning things that I haven't quite learned yet and we are basically the same age.  And I have probably learned a few things that he hasn't learned just from being in there.  So I learned quite a bit last year.  And the demands of being a starting QB in the NFL are far different than being a backup.  A lot of people who are pulling at your time, with all of the things that you've got going, and in a week to still get ready for a game, you just have to find a way to balance everything in your life.


Do your teammates and coaching staff dislike the Jets?


Do we dislike the Jets?  Well, I certainly wouldn't say there is much good blood between us, there is a lot of bad blood.  There are a lot of guy who have switched teams, there are a lot of guys who have really…I don't know.  It is a tough rivalry.  There is probably not a lot of good blood on either end.   


That sounds like a yes. 


(Laughter.)  You take it how you want it. 


What would you expect this game after you embarrassed them last time?


They are going to study that film, and they are going to study the film over the last bunch of weeks and try to stop some of the things we have been successful doing.  So they are going to take away some of the things that we do well.  And we are going to try to do some of the things that we saw that we didn't do necessarily as well and we still think we can do well.   


Would you expect them to have a chip on their shoulder after the last meeting? 


I would expect them to come out and play hard like they always do.  Whether they have a chip on their shoulder, we have had a chip on our shoulder and gone out and gotten our butts kicked.  I know they are going to be into the game, they are going to be focused, and anytime you lose like they did earlier in the year, you try to make amends for it.  And this is a great way to do it—to come up here and try to spoil our playoff run.  But I think knowing our opponent, and knowing what they are capable of, we don't want to allow that to happen.  So we do everything we can to get ready to play this week because this will be as tough a game as we have been in all year.  


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