Interesting note from Cimini

Rich Cimini is one of the best football writers in New York. And he had an interesting twist to the B-Schotty soap opera on Tuesday.

"The Jets would like to keep [Schotteneheimer], in part, because they believe it might help convince Brett Favre to return for another season," wrote Cimini in Tuesday's Daily News sports section, while Mike Lupica wrote about politics.

If Cimini's theory is true, it is somewhat troubling. Why would the Jets brass make any coaching decisions based on the future of a quarterback who played so poorly down the stretch?

He made some throws that were beyond belief.

The Jets should follow Kerry Rhodes' advice on Favre. If Favre wants to be on the team this year, he needs to participate with his teammates in the off-season program. If he doesn't, the should go in a different direction.

No more double standards.

If he's going to play, he needs to get into great shape (and that doesn't happen playing touch football with high school kids in Hattiesburg). He needs a full off-season conditioning program. He also needs to work all spring to get on the same page with this receivers.

If he wants to stay at home this off-season, the Jets should definitely move on from him.

And they definitely shouldn't make any coaching decisions to appease him. Enough appeasement has taken play already (like taking a lot of shifts out of the offense).

To kiss his butt by making a coaching staff decision to make him happy would be pathetic.

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