Would everyone want Favre?

The Brett Favre that Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson referred to this week might have been a player from a few years ago.

"I would think anyone would want him as their quarterback," said Ryan.

"Who wouldn't want him?" said Johnson. While it's understandable that Ryan and Johnson want to show respect to the NFL legend, but based on the quarterback's play down the stretch, these quotes might be a little bit over the top.

The Jets lost four of its last five of the season with Favre throwing nine interceptions during the stretch with just two touchdowns.

Many of the picks were head-scratchers, throws that made little sense when you consider his experience.

So at this point, honestly, not everyone would want him.

Unless he takes those wild throws, like screens into traffic (against Miami), or fly routes to Leon Washington (against Miami) out of his arsenal.

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