Off-season programs important

Off-season workout programs are really important for individuals and teams.

Brett Favre isn't a fan of them.

Not many players are.

But there is a lot of good in them.

They help teams come together and players realize their potential.

It's also great for team chemistry. There is a lot of camraderie built in the off-seasons.

Favre has been a terrific player in the NFL, perhaps he could have been a great player if he had spent more time with his various teams in the off-season, getting in better shape and developing better chemistry with this wideouts.

The Jets position with Favre is correct - asking him to participate in their off-season program if he wants to play this year.

If he says "no," than perhaps he's not a team player, and they are better off moving on from him.

No player is bigger than the team, and too important to sweat with their teammates in the off-season.

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