Calvin Pace should have no regrets

Calvin Pace has nothing to regret. He did the right thing in moving from the Cardinals to the Jets last off-season.

It's easy to say now he made a mistake because Arizona is in the Super Bowl, and his new team didn't even make the playoffs, but his decision to leave was a no-brainer.

The Cardinals wanted to keep him, but had major cap issues. There was no way they could pay close to what he could make in the open market.

They wanted to keep him, but they couldn't.

He ended up signing with the Jets for $42 million over six years. Arizona couldn't afford anything close to that.

The Cards probably wish they still had him this season. They need another pass rusher.

But anyone way you look at it, you can't criticize Pace for making the move to New York.

"I don't regret leaving," he said. "My time was up. You have to move on with your life."

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