Q-and-A with Schottenheimer

Q)What was the process like after not getting the job and then deciding to stay on as offensive coordinator?

Schottenheimer: The easiest thing to do was to get out of town for a few days. My family and I spent some time in Florida. I got a chance to sit down with Rex – it was something that felt right and felt really good.

Q)How disappointing was it not getting the job?

Schottenheimer: Once the decision has been made, you say, ‘this is what the business is about. There are decisions that are made. This business is about change. What is in the best interests of my family? What is in the best interests of my career?' As I sat back and took the disappointment out of it, my family and I feel very comfortable here in the New York area. I feel very good about the product that we put on the field. I like the fact that we have things in place here.

Q)Did you consider leaving the organization after not getting the head coaching job?

Schottenheimer: I know there was speculation about where I might go. The most important thing for me was figuring out if I wanted to be a part of the Jets. I was still under contract. After the smoke cleared, I really felt like this was the best place for me.

Q)Do you feel you will have complete autonomy to run the offense?

Schottenheimer: I wouldn't say complete autonomy. [Rex] is the head coach of this football team. He is going to have some great insight for us on the offensive side of the ball. He's clearly going to be involved. I want it that way. I wouldn't say that we will have full authority to do whatever we want. He can give us a lot of great insight in what the defenses are thinking and how they're trying to defend us.

Q)Have you spoken to Brett recently?

Schottenheimer: I have not spoken with Brett. He is probably in a tree stand right now, as we speak, doing some hunting.

Q)Did the play-calling change in the final five games?

Schottenheimer: The big thing for us was the turnovers. When you get late into the season, ball security, we preach it all the time, but late in the season it becomes more important. That hurt our ability to score points. It cost some momentum at times. We struggled on third downs. We weren't able to sustain drives and keep drives going.

Q)What happened to Favre in the last five games?

Schottenheimer: One thing that does stick out in my mind, he did get hit some. Anytime a quarterback gets hit, it can make him miss a throw here and there. We weren't clicking on all cylinders. Some of them were design flaws on my part. Some of them were bad reads and bad decisions. Some of them were poor protection. It's unfair to put it all on Brett.

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