C-Bake on the three QB derby

Chris Baker was on Sirius NFL Radio on Wednesday and had this to stay about the Jets upcoming QB competition -

"We have [Eric Ainge and Kellen Clemens] and we also have Brett Ratliff who had a really good pre-season," said Baker to host Alex "Bam Bam" Marvez. "With the guys we have, obviously they don't have a ton of experience. Kellen did get a chance to play some starts two years ago. These guys have to gain experience and if they are ready to do it or not I'm not sure only because of the fact they haven't gotten the chance to really, really go out and show what they can do yet."

But one advantage these three cats would have over a newcomer is their knowledge of B-Schotty's playbook.

"The thing about all three of them is they do have talent and they have a very good understanding of the offense that we have in place," said Baker. "No one studies more than those guys. They spend a lot of time at the building. They have the talent and they have the knowledge of the offense but at the same time a lot of that stuff has to come on the field. In this business as a quarterback it is mostly on the field training."

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