Tannenbaum on the Favre cap situation

Q)When will Favre's salary coming off the salary cap?

TANNENBAUM: There is some paperwork left to do and all those things are typically done over the next couple of weeks. We will be in compliance with the cap and all the other paperwork with tenders to restricted free agent and exclusive rights players. All that will be done over the next couple of weeks. We will have everything done before February 27.

Q)Will Favre's salary no longer count against the cap by February 27th?

TANNENBAUM: There are various filings we'll be doing with the League between now and the official start of the 2009 League year.

Q)Did Favre ask to be released?

TANNENBAUM: We had a great conversation today and he said that he was done playing. We're taking him at his word on that. He talked to Rex, talked to Woody, and he talked to myself. Everything was about him no longer wanting to play.

Q)Is Favre the property of the Jets if he decides to come back and play?

TANNENBAUM: Yes, that is the general rule of how those transactions work and just to clarify one thing, he did not ask to be released. When we had the conversation, it was just much more of an appreciation for how the year went and he thanked Woody, Rex and myself. Everything he said was he is done playing football.

Q)Did Bus Cook ask for him to be released…

TANNENBAUM: All I can reiterate is that he told us today he no longer wanted to play football. He was done and he was moving on and that was the entire extent of things.

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