Mel Kiper on the first round quarterbacks

Here is what draft analyst Mel Kiper has to say about the potential first round quarterbacks in the 2009 draft -

"You look at Matt Stafford with the big arm. He's got the great arm. You can put him in the same class with any of the others that have come out. I'm not going to say anybody has a John Elway or Bert Jones arm. Their arm was in a class all by itself. Cutler's arm isn't as strong as Elway's or Bert Jones, and Stafford is in the Cutler mold. He's inconsistent like Cutler was at Vanderbilt and still is with the Denver Broncos. The inconsistency sometimes doesn't leave you. It was there with Cutler and is still there. ….Stafford had it at Georgia and if he still has that inconsistency in the NFL he'll be an up-and-down quarterback. People will be raving about him one week and criticizing him the next. Stafford has great upside. … Inconsistency reigns supreme with some quarterbacks and that's something he's going to have to prove otherwise.

"Mark Sanchez only played and started one year plus, 15 or 16 games. He had the knee injury when the season began and played with that brace. He had a whole new supporting cast, so he had a lot of things going against him early on, but he really played well late. He had a great game against Penn State in the Rose Bowl. He's got skills. He doesn't have the Stafford arm, but he throws very accurately on the move. He's a tremendously passionate football player. Loves the study of the game, has great work ethic, very diligent to the studying of the game and putting in the time.

"Stafford's not quite as instinctive as Sanchez, but Sanchez doesn't have the arm that Stafford does. Both have qualities that you like and they have something that bothers you a bit. Someone is going to roll the dice on these quarterbacks, whether it's the Lions at No. 1, Kansas City at No. 3 or San Francisco at No. 10. And the Jets might be looking at a quarterback unless they like Brett Ratliff enough. In terms of Stafford and Sanchez, they are going to have high grades. Hopefully both of them turn out to be good quarterbacks. Both are going to end up going to teams that aren't very good probably and be asked to be very good early in their career. Can they handle it? We will see."

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