Jets' D-line on Brett Farve

The Jets defensive line talks about the challenge that Brett Farve presents.

Q) What do you think of Brett Farve?


Josh Evans: He's probably the best quarterback in the NFL. Real tough. I admire the guy's toughness. It's going to be a hell of a fight. You know the guys in this team are ready for it, and they're ready for it, so it will be a good game.


Q) Warren Sapp and Farve always had a thing with each other. Are you looking forward to filling that role on this team?


Josh Evans: I just look forward to competing against him and going against a great quarterback. There's not many John Elway's and Dan Marino's left in this game, and he's probably the closest thing we got right now to that type of quarterback. They'll be a great amount of respect out there, but not too much if I get a chance to knock his ass out.


Q) Are you glad you're playing him now, and not in the beginning of the season when you guys were having a lot of defensive problems?


Jason Ferguson: I wouldn't want to play him at all. If I had to choose, I wouldn't want to play him at all, especially right around this time with the cold and all his stats. He's good in the fourth quarter and he plays good in December. You just try to rattle him the best way you can and hope you can do it in the fourth quarter, when it's important.


Q) How do you stop him from going left?


Steve White: You talk about him going left, but I've seen him go right, left, up, back. The guy's just very mobile. When it comes to him going on the left side, you just have to get up the field and not make so many inside moves on that side. Which is generally the side you try to make inside moves on, because generally that's the blindside of a quarterback. But Brett kind of has this third eye or something and he can sense the rush. Literally, he just knows it's coming and he can spin out and get to the left or what have you. So you just have to be a little bit more disciplined in your rush.



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