A conversation with Bart Scott

Q)Could you be a Ray Lewis type leader for the Jets defense?

Scott: I'm a little different from Ray. I have been a vocal leader in college and things like that but I'm one of those guys that lead by example. You're not going to see me rallying the guys up all the time. That's his way. That's how he leads. Ed Reed is, I think, an unquestioned leader on our team as well and he leads in a different way.

Q)So what kind of leader are you?

Scott: Because of my experience in getting in the league (as an undrafted free agent), I like to push guys from the back. I like to let the young guys see me working hard and really want them to match my tempo by watching me work hard and showing up in mini-camps and seeing me in things like that where I may be the only starter in a mini-camp but I don't mind doing that because I'm used to working. So guys see me working, coming in, working and practicing.

Q)You really seem to a proponent of practice . . .

Scott: You won't see me missing practice no matter what. Coach tries to give me a day off and I won't take it because I feel [if] my guys have to work then I need to work too. I think that's how guys continue to follow me and a lot of the young guys look up to me, a lot of the middle guys, because they know I'm going to play hurt, I'm going to play injured and like I say, ‘Always get me up to my feet.'

Q)So what can you bring to the Jets?

Scott: I can go to the Jets and I can set a tempo. I have some unique things to my game that's unique to just Bart Scott that everybody else can't do. You don't have to take me out. You can put me over the tight end, it doesn't matter. You can put me on tight end. You can take me out of the box. You can leave me in the box. Every linebacker can't say that. Some guys are just pass-defensive linebackers. Some guys are guys who specialize in stopping the run if you want to go back to the Trotters and things like that. You can put me in any situation, I'll flourish. It doesn't matter to me.

Q)What is Rex going to bring to the Jets?

Scott: First of all, you're going to see guys be held accountable. Now the whole team's accountable. No guy can hide under a rock. We always said you had to have tough skin, you had to have skin like an armadillo because if you let the team down you're going to have to pay for it. You're going to have to answer [for] it. A lot of times guys think that guys would have to answer to Ray Lewis. No, we had to answer to each other. And that was instilled, period. And it starts from Rex.

If we're going to be great it's going to take all of us. You're going to watch the film together and if you're the guy on the film that is letting guys down that's the loneliest feeling in the world when they say, ‘This big play happened because look at the effort here.' You can't coach effort.

Q)So some guys aren't going to make the cut?

Scott: He'll weed those guys out that are not willing to play 100 percent all the time. So that's what you can expect. You can expect some hard-nosed [football], knocking guys out, not backing down from anybody, ever.

Q)If you come to the Jets, how quickly can you become a leader?

Scott: I think they've got a lot of great guys already. They've got some leaders already over there. Kris Jenkins and you've got Kerry Rhodes so you've already got pieces involved. Now you've got to take the young guys under the wing, put him under there and stay on his butt every day.

Q)They do need a weak-side inside linebacker in that defense . . .

Scott: Exactly. I can go in there and I can guarantee all that running coming up the middle, that'll stop.

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