This makes no sense

Alex Marvez of Fox reports the Jets are going to release Chris Baker, a player they continually sell short.

"The Jets are releasing the tight end who has played his first seven NFL seasons with the franchise, has learned," wrote Marvez. "The Jets would have needed to guarantee Baker a $9 million payout over the next three seasons if he remained on the roster after March 5. Baker's role was greatly downplayed last season after the emergence of rookie tight end Dustin Keller."

So who is going to block at tight end? Keller isn't a good blocker. And also, when the Jets throw to Baker, he generally looks darn good catching the ball. So don't talk about how his production is down. His production is down because they rarely use him correctly.

Baker is a gifted receiver. That is right. You read that correctly. He's a gifted receiver.

If somebody can explain why the Jets can never appreciate this guy's talent, please let us know.

If this story is true, it's a joke.

$9 million a year for three years, Baker's current deal, is a fair contract.

Laveranues Coles is making much more than that, and Baker is just as important to the team.

Tight ends who can block and catch with equal proclivity are very hard to find these days. Just ask the scouts looking at this year's crop of draft eligible tight ends.

If the Jets do let Baker go, it's possible they could make a run at L.J. Smith.

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