For the fourth consecutive week we were split. This has never happened before. There were times when we couldn't attend games, but to go this long without spending Sunday together somewhere in America watching the Jets was unconscionable. Attending Jet home and away games is a natural part of our lives in the fall.

Maybe our misfire and misconnect was why they had lost two of the last three entering Sunday nights showdown with the Patriots.  We had to make changes this week and our "halftime adjustments" worked just right.  We switched who would be out of town and would miss attending the game.  The results were wonderful.  The score speaks for itself, 30-17!!


The optimist returned and drove up I-95 with two generations of Jet fans in tow, his nephew, 33 years old and his son, age 11.  The hype about attending a game at Foxboro dominated the conversation in the car ride north.  That the parking facilities and logistics was worse than the Meadowlands didn't help prepare us for the showdown with the Patriots, but it put a lot of humor into the 3-hour drive.  


The other half of the Cohen/Levy duo departed for the sun on the beaches in Acapulco, but made sure that the hotel had ESPN.  This would ensure that he, along with the entire family would watch the game Sunday evening.  Although miles apart, both groups settled in to root and cheer for the Jets and assure that if a playoff spot was still a possibility at the conclusion of Sunday nights showdown, we would all be active participants in this magnificent comeback from a dismal 2-5 start. 


Gillette Stadium is magnificent with all the modern amenities that a state-of-the-art football facility should have.  From McDonald's to Boston Chowder as well as everything in between the food selection was great, hearty and plentiful.  Beer was pouring like water from a fountain and a few of the locals turned the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets cheer into the now infamous J-E-T-S, Jets Suck, Suck, Suck!!  (Not exactly the best way for an 11-year old to learn sportsmanship.)


The scoreboard is truly high-tech, albeit, they refuse to show the replays of the visiting team highlights.  Therefore, the magnificent touchdown catches of Coles, Moss and Chrebet were nowhere to be seen until we arrived back home and caught the highlights on the local news. 


There were many highlights in this tremendous and emotional Jets 30-17 victory over the Patriots.  As the stadium rocked and had the fervor pitch of a playoff game, the quiet sounds of the water in Acapulco prevailed and also provided some interesting thoughts and comments on the game. 



The defense was great.  Abraham ate up the LT Light and was in Brady's face all night.  Sam Garnes played the game of his life.  Cottrell called an excellent defensive game.  When you get pressure on the QB, Cover 2 can work.  The corners shut down Troy Brown and did a great job on pass defense. The third down conversions were great and the adage of home field advantage in these situations just didn't work.  Everyone stood and hollered on third downs, but the Jets were patient and efficient and therefore converted.  Our only regret, "where was Cowbell Larry?"


Offensively L. Coles (5-78) was open all night including when Ty Law was on him.  Santana Moss (4-77) made a major impact on opening up the defense for Chrebet (4-61).  Chad (23-33-285) really rebounded from the Bears game and threw well all the time.  The running game was supposed to work and it did.  Curtis got his 1000 yards, which was important, but helped keep the defense at bay while the passing game just excelled all night. 


No game review without "what could have been better" would be complete.  Special teams allowed its first TD, and this bad execution could have really shifted the momentum.  The punting was awful and could have cost us the game because they had great field position all night and worked with a short field.  However, the positives all outweighed the negatives and in total, the Jets were cooking on most cylinders.


Now you've got to pray that, this Sunday, Brady has a great game against the Fins.  You also have to question what happened in Chicago last week and put it in its proper place.  The coach has got to get his team up for the Packers the way they were prepared for the Pats and if all goes well, there should be some more football

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