Two Philly insiders breakdown Lito

Two of Scout's NFL Insiders are also Philly guys. We asked for their insight into what happened with Lito Shephard the last few years with the Eagles . . .

"Sheppard was once arguably one of the top-10 cornerbacks in the NFL earlier in his career, but he suffered through a series of injuries over a three-year period (2005-2007) and his game suffered as a result," said Adam Caplan. "Because the Eagles played quite a bit of man coverage over his career, Sheppard was often put out on an island against some of the top receivers in the game and he usually came out on top--until the 2007 season.

"After the 2007 concluded, Sheppard wanted to be known that he wanted to get a new contract, not an extension. The front office didn't believe he deserved one considering they signed him to an extension in October 2004 and his play started to wane a bit. What capped it off was Philadelphia's signing of Asante Samuel who became the highest paid cornerback in the league. It was clear this bothered Sheppard who was demoted to nickel back and eventually to their dime defense midway though 2008. Prior to the Thanksgiving game at home against Arizona, a source said Sheppard missed a meeting (either team or position) and that was the time he got demoted to the dime defense.

"Sheppard is still young (turns 28 in April) and now that he's with a team that clearly wanted him, he should be able to regain the confidence in his game that was clearly lost last season,"

"Sheppard is a good corner, who's had a rough two year stretch in Philadelphia," said Chris Steuber. "He's basically been the team's dime corner, because of his attitude and injury history. The Eagles tried to redo his contract, but Sheppard didn't like the offer he received. When player's turn down contracts from the Eagles, in most cases you're alienated to bench; Sheppard found that out first hand.

"I think a new start in New York will benefit Sheppard. He's still a young player and he didn't make two Pro Bowl's by mistake. When he wants to play, he's one of the better corners in the league. But Sheppard has the tendency to be a dog. He's the kind of guy where if his wrist isn't feeling well one day, he'll sit out practice. Or, if his shoulder is sore and will ask to sit a few series' out. That's how the kind of guy he's always been. However, when he's 100-percent, he can still lock down the opposition.

"He's not as quick as he used to be and he takes more chances than he did earlier in his career, but for a fifth round pick this year and a conditional pick next year, the Jets stole Sheppard."

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