Scott on Detroit's 47 percent illiteracy rate

Bart Scott isn't just a very good football player, but also a man who does a great deal of work to help people off the field. One thing he'd like to help change is the 47 percent illiteracy rate in his hometown of Detroit. You read that right - 47 percent illiteracy rate.

"I think that's a problem," said Scott. "They look at third grade test scores to figure out how many prisons they are going to build because education is a direct indicator of the status class that you are going to be in.

"It is something that we have to work on, not just at a city level, but on a state level. The school systems are trying to improve, but I think you have to put some of the responsibility on the parents and parents really have to take hold of their kids and try to educate them to give their kids a better life then they had.

"When you are in Detroit, a lot of people come straight from the (auto) plants, my mom and guys went straight out of high school and straight to the plants. Back then, they were just passing kids and not educating them, so now you have a lot of parents that can't read with kids that can't read and you have to break the cycle and hopefully we can do that."

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