Lito shuffles into New York

Lito, what happened to you with the Philadelphia Eagles?

"We saw things a little different, and the best thing for me was to go elsewhere," said Shephard.

Are you looking forward to proving to the Eagles that you are still a good player.

"I think they actually no it," said Shephard.

Is he a physical corner?

"My job is a corner, my job is to cover," said Shephard.

What about your health - you were banged up a few years ago and that is one of the reasons the Eagles soured on you?

"They Jets gave me a physical upside and down - if I weren't healthy, they wouldn't have made the trade," said Shephard. "I played all 16 games last year."

Shephard feels like a fresh start is just what he needed.

"I feel like when I was coming out in the draft," said Shephard.

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